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The short answer: We provide free sample dental products to dental specialists.

The long answer: We find products and brands you’ll love and give you a way to experience them. Try our sample products and services in your daily practice, and in return, promote our products and share your opinions about them with people you know. You share your thoughts about them by starting natural, genuine conversations by creating social posts online via sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

BlueDent Campaigns are how we invite Bluedent influencers partners (doctors) like you to experience and talk about our products on social media platforms based on your profile and interests. You’ll receive BlueDent Campaigns invites via email link or you can join us directly by signing up. If you’re accepted into the campaign, we’ll notify you with a separate confirmation email, SMS, and voice call.

Tangible products are the products that are used in daily practice. We promote a comprehensive range of dental materials/consumables of many major national and international brands.

These are service-based products such as the latest patient education programs, Patient management system, smile design software, Continuing Dental Education Programs (Dental XP) and so on and so forth. These products will not only streamline clinical workflow but will also increase the efficiency and productivity of your clinic and make your clinical life easier.  As we take new assignments this list is updated from time to time.

While nothing would make us happier than guaranteeing you BlueDent Campaigns, there are just too many variables to predict an accurate number.  If you fit into our scheme of things then you will on an average receive at least one campaign in 7-10 working days.

Unfortunately, everyone can’t get into every campaign. Here are some of the main criteria we use to determine who gets invited to what campaign:

  • Who you are: For instance, only postgraduates can avail products (samples) such as rotary files, bone grafts,  newly introduced implants or any other such products that require specialization (endodontists, periodontists, and maxillofacial surgeons ).
  •  If you are a general dental practitioner then you should expect to receive products associated with general dentistry only. (such as composites, GIC, and or any other dental cements, dental burs, hand files, consumables, etc, almost everything you may require in general dental practice.) In addition, general dentists also qualify to receive software’ that will help to streamline clinical workflow and enhance dental practice.

Activities (sometimes called “BzzActivities,”) refer to the types of social posts and offline tasks we’ll ask you to complete during a campaign. At the start of every campaign, you’ll receive a detailed “Posting Instructions” on our website in our assignment section  that describes the activities. Because every product is different, every campaign will include a different variety of activities, including:

  • Posting to Instagram, Facebook and other social media
  • Writing product reviews
  • And in case of new products you are expected to give us the feedback/suggestions if any.

Inactive and underperformers will be laid off immediately. If you join a Bluedent Campaign and don’t perform any (Bzz activities), you won’t be invited to join campaigns in the future. The brands we work with are counting on us to spread the “Bzz” and increase the visibility of their products!

You can win umpteen number of samples worth thousands of rupees every month,  just make sure you complete the “Bzz activities” on time.

It will take somewhere between 3-5 min to complete an activity. We are looking for influencer partners who are  Active, committed, consistent, punctual and are comfortable with the idea of becoming an influencer partner/ambassador and can understand and complete the “BZZ Activity “ as per the posting instructions. Apart from this one should have sound knowledge of various types of dental materials and should gradually develop the skill to use and hit keywords that resonate with the target audience and elevate their ideas and expectations of a product or service.

Our business thrives on trust, and we are very sensitive and act very cautiously to preserve our reputation.  We consider chinese products as ‘substandard” and not trustworthy. Hence we do not ever take any assignment for these products. Almost all the products and services that we promote are well-established brands (Japanese, Korean, Indian German, European, and American).while campaigning you will come across many well-reputed brands that you already know.

Before introducing or launching a new brand or product or service (software), We thoroughly evaluate the product. The Clinical and technical Evaluation begins with the development of a custom survey by a member of our team. Then, the product and survey are sent to 150+  Senor Clinical Consultants. The product is integrated into daily clinical practice, and feedback is provided to us. The survey results are brought before our Editorial Team of practicing dental professionals at our bi-weekly Editorial Meetings, where the product, plus rating, and clinical percentage rating are discussed and debated.

This effort culminates into a plus rating and clinical percentage rating.

Throughout the evaluation process, we work with manufacturers or service provider to improve products.  We welcome feedback on articles and clarify data received from the field.  If a product receives below (+++), we refrain our self from taking any promotional activities for that brand or product or service.


Yes, initially we will script the things for you so that you get a general drift or a brief idea as to what exactly is expected from you. As you learn over time, we leave the dialogue all to you. Be yourself — share the positive reviews about the product. We will provide you with information on the featured product and services. In some cases, you will be also required to give us the feedback about the products and services we provide to you.

You can get complete details in our assignment section or at the time of the campaign invitation. Generally, as tangible products are delivered at your mailing (clinic) address or will be handed over before you start campaigning for the product. You are advised to use these products in your clinical practice and endorse them only after you become convinced of its quality. If you are not satisfied with the performance of these products you can be returned these products to us, or it will be retrieved by our representatives and we will pass it on to other doctors.

Intangible products:  Most of these products are software based and are installed on your system, it becomes impossible to returned or retrieved these products (due to privacy issues), therefore, you may be required to first spread the word (conduct the activity) and will be benefitted thereafter.

Sorry,  as of now we do not provide cash to any of our Influencer partners. However, Influencer/marketing partners will receive ample sample products(worth thousands of rupees) whose worth they can estimate at the time of campaigns.  All the benefits that you would receive will be in the form of sample products. But yes, we are working on as to how we can give maximum benefit to our marketing partners. We are pondering upon two options.

1)  Provide our influencer partners a coupon code that can be inserted in their facebook post which will help us track exactly which customer came from where and a part of profit can be shared

2)Directly provide dealership, as we are about to launch our online sales portal in the mont of july. Just give us some time. we will figure it out.

One can earn between 3000 -to-15000Inr/month depending upon multiple factors,(eg-clinic location, daily opd, infrastructure, city, etc).  This Space will be used to display a number of homecare dental products from multiple brands -electric toothbrushes, pacifiers, mouthwash, home bleaching kits, dental floss to mention a few.  These products are only for display and not for sale. In addition, we will also provide different types of signboards, digital displays, etc that will contain doctors and clinic name on it. kindly note that this opportunity is not provided to every influencer Partner but to those who have spent considerable time with us. once we receive your interest our representative will visit your clinic and discuss the prospects.

Once you have signed up, our team will go through your profile. You will receive a confirmation call in within 4-5 working days once your profile is shortlisted.

You will be able to access our Activity section when we start the campaigning. You will be informed well in advance.

Offcourse you can. But bear in mind, to keep our job simple, we give the first preference to doctors, who are ready to endorse tangible as well as intangible products. Therefore it is highly recommended that you to signup for both.

No.BlueDent consultancy presently deals with dental materials/consumables only.

No.Sample products will either couriered or handed over to you by representatives at your clinic address after verifying your credentials

Please Note: Our team will verify your credentials (Degree Certificate) before delivering “Tangible products”.