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 Bluedent consultancy  Product category: Tangibles

Brand name: Tokuyama (South Korea)
Product name: Tokuyama Estelite Flow Quick High Flow Syringe Shade A3 Mini

Product category:  Composite (restorative)

Product cost:   $16 ( approx -1100  INR)


Bzz Activity date 16 July

Status: Tentative



Bluedent consultancy  Product Category: Intangibles

Product name:Urbical LC

Product category:  Endodontic (Restorative Material)

Product price:   $15.50 ( approx-1080 INR)

Urbical LC is a light-curing calcium hydroxide paste, suitable for indirect pulp capping and as a cavity liner under all filling materials.

Bzz Activity date: 20 July

Status: confirmed


B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd.(Israel)

Product name: PRIMA Quick

Product category: Restorative

Product cost:   $27 (1873 INR)

PRIMA Quick is a 6th-generation, self-etching, two-bottle primer, and bonding agent adhesive system

Bzz Activity Date: 17 July

Status; Confirmed


 Bluedent consultancy  Product category: Tangibles

Brand name: Vericom ltd (South Korea)
Product name: Vonflex Putty

Product category: Impression material

Product cost:   $21 ( approx -1450  INR)

Vonflex Putty is vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) materials indicated for all standard impression techniques.

Bzz Activity Date 19 July

Status: Confirmed

 Bluedent consultancy  Product category: Tangibles

Brand name: Vericom ltd (south korea)
Product name:DenFil

Product category: Restorative material

Product cost:   $15.50 ( approx -1050  INR)

DenFil™ light-cured restorative micro-hybrid composite

Campaign Date:



Product name: Breeze™ RMGI

Product category: Dental Cements

Product cost:   $42.43 (3000 INR)

Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Dental Cement

Activity date :27 July

Status:not confirmed

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Date : 9 Feburary

Product name : Dentrix Enterprise
Product category: Intangible (software based)

Product Features: Dentrix Enterprise is a state of the art cloud or web-based dental software dental practice management system that is being introduced in India by BlueDent Consultancy. This software is designed specifically for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and large groups but also works well for a smaller office too!

The system comes complete with scheduling, charting, billing, a patient portal, reporting and much more and is well integrated with partners such as NEA, Sikka, Televox, EDS, Dosespot, and others to offer additional services to our clients. Its imaging integrations include Dexis, Schick, Kodak/Carestream, Apteryx and many more. Some key benefits of using includes: line item adjustment and posting, CDT codes included, eRX included, reporting for single offices or real-time views across multi-locations, advanced tooth and perio charting, state of the art dashboard, production scheduling and reporting Manages medication, Monitors patients’ vital signs, Tracks patient waiting times, basically everything you need to manage a successful dental practice! It will help doctors to streamlines processes and build an efficient dental practice. Furthermore, it serves as a knowledge center through its extensive medical/dental treatment data collected from the vast network of doctors, this program will help budding doctors to make an accurate diagnosis, design treatment modalities. It also suggests the best medication and the dental material that must be used.

Six months of free membership with all the latest features

Date: 17Th February

Product name: TOKUYAMA M-Bond
Product category: Self-etching Adhesive Resin Cement (Tangibles)

Product features:


Temporary fixation of loose teeth

  • Cementation of precious/non-precious metal crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges
  • Cementation/repair of porcelain fused to precious metals (PFM) • Cementation of precious metal posts and cores
  • Cementation of all ceramic/porcelain/cured composite crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers

BENEFITS • Exceptional bond strengths and durability

  • Self-etching/No rinsing
  • Extended working time & Shortened setting time
  • No cool dish required

Tensile Bond Strength *

Enamel 24.6 MPa
Dentin 21.0 MPa
Precious Metal 23.2 MPa
Porcelain 22.6 MPa

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